Thursday, January 2, 2020

UofA Green Fund Free Essay Example, 1000 words

The other department to involve in the project is the Agricultural department to help in giving advice on the appropriate planting methods and the nutrients requirements for the trees. The other stakeholders will be the campus students’ body through participating at various levels of the project. First, there will be the administrative co-leader whose work will be to allocate various functions to different participants. The leader will decide the students to work with the administration, faculty, and the staff to enable completion of the planting project. The other one will be the project coordinator to oversee the progress of the project and ensure that all the parties play their part for the project to succeed. The coordinator will help in the decision-making that are very vital to the success of the tree planting project. Another stakeholder will be student workers who will engage in all the project activities such as tree planting without contributing the decision-making. The activities are collecting the seedling, identifying the place for planting, digging holes and the actual planting of the seedlings. Next there will be the student’s volunteer t assist in the project activities at various level during their appropriate time. We will write a custom essay sample on UofA Green Fund or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now The volunteers will be very helpful especially when the other stakeholders are busy with their academic work. The student learners will also form part of the project stakeholders to help in the project development. The role of the student learner will be to observe and learn from the project’s activities, which will be very encouraging to the project implementers. Having students interested in the project will be a great achievement for the implementers, which will encourage them to work harder to achieve the project goals. Benefit to UA Students The project will be very beneficial to the UA students especially the ones that will participate fully in the implementation of the project. For instance, students who will engage in planting trees will have knowledge of the importance of environmental conservation. Students from the Department of Natural resources and agriculture will carry out their practical and field lesions on the campus as the environment will provide enough flora. The other students that will benefit from the project are the ones studying botanical classes especially the topic of classification. The students will carry out their field work inside the campus and make reliable conclusions. Students always go to other places and forts to carry out research on plants behaviour but with the implementation of this project, they will just carry most of their experiments inside the UA University.

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