Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Strengths and Weaknesses of Internal and External Recruitment Essay

Strengths and Weaknesses of Internal and External Recruitment - Essay Example This essay describes today’s dynamic companies needs to adapt swiftly to the changing environment. Often the human resources department is required to fill vast number of jobs as the company develops new markets and pursues new strategies. New positions tend to require specialized skill sets while new management philosophies look for softer skills such as interpersonal skills. To complicate the matter further, today’s employees are more likely to change jobs, due to the availability of myriad opportunities. The researcher focuses on describing of the process of th human resources department that must define the job requirements, advertise the position, sort though the applicants and choose the best candidates effectively and efficiently. The most successful recruitment depends on the amount of preparation before the actual process. There are many ways to attract a pool of suitable applicants that are described in the essay. The method chosen depends on the time and reso urces the organisation can afford and the nature of the business. This can be accomplished by weighing the knowledge level, skills etc. of the required candidate to fill the job, how much training he will require, and how much value add the candidate would bring to the table. Investing the time and resources in getting a successful recruit represents sound business practice. Above all, the researcher states that being an employer of choice is a reputation that recruiters need to build within their industries and that is a powerful tool in attracting top talent.

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