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buy custom Emotional Tone of Virtual Team essay

buy custom Emotional Tone of Virtual Team essay Today, it is believed that leaders serve as the coordinators and the handlers of the emotional tone of virtual team. It is important for the members of the virtual teams to adopt an automatic style of handling all types of tasks whether they are important or not. Therefore the leader is required to pay more attention towards the maintenance of team work. The numbers of leaders are not limited to one in virtual teams. Researches have proved that virtual teams can functions even with more than one leader. The reason for this is that the parts of the people are many and each must be adopted by one another. Team members consider perceived amounts of communication, intelligence and encouraging and authoritarian behaviors to identify emergent leaders. Only few researches conduct in field to about the virtual leadership show that effectiveness of virtual teams can only be maintained by adopting an attempt to mentor the characteristics of both transformational and instrumental leadership. (S urinder, Jerry, Suling, Bruce, 2000) However, one but be little warned the outcomes of the field study of virtual leadership is not quite statistically valid because mostly the teams are students are used to collect data rather than organizational teams. Most of the work done on virtual leadership is done by using students virtual teams for data collection. However, these teams are usually regarded as not being completely virtual rather they possess some attitudes of virtual teams. (Surinder, Jerry, Suling, Bruce, 2000) A study was conducted by Alex to find out the confirmation of virtual team structures, trainings of different leadership styles and the complexity of tasks upon the consequences of virtual teams. Most of the researches on the virtual leadership style are done side by side. Most of these claim the success and effectiveness of transformational leadership rather than transactinal leadership. However, adaptation of transformational leadership style is not appreciable and suggestible in case of virtual communication with the help of computers. (Alex J. Barelka, 2007) The structural configurations, leadership styles and task complexity of different teams will be influenced by the quantity, quality and leader centrality. This in turn will serve as a mediating agent and will affect performance of the team and will affect the outcomes of the teams affecting the satisfaction of the leaders. Information Technology has shifted the teams to move from their former traditional existence of face to face to the electronic groups. And have given opportunity of communicating with each other via video teleconferences, e-mails and mobile cellular phone conversations. (Alex J. Barelka, 2007) Virtual teams can occur at remote areas because they do not need to maintain a union. Virtual team provides the organizations with an opportunity to become more flexible and combine the sharp people together to perform the duties of the organization in a cheaper and quicker manner. Most of the studies conducted in the favor of virtual teams are upon similar to the researches conducted under other studies It is important for the organizations operating at the international level to maintain their branch office abroad. They can integrate easily in the form of virtual teams by utilizing the information technology. In this way they will take benefit of the global marketplace more easily and in a more coordinative manner. (Alex J. Barelka, 2007) Virtual leadership can be comprehended via aspects It is significant to understand the impact of change in collectedness upon the team processes. It is crucial to take in to consideration and study the immpact if different types of leadership. To understate what leads to the change in the perceived leadership effectiveness in a virtual team in a situation when the task is complex. (Alex J. Barelka, 2007) Most of the studies conducted in the favor of virtual teams are upon similar to the researches conducted under other studies. The behaviors and traits of leadership that are not the same for the virtual environment. Three areas were examined by Alex these are The implications of different types of virtual structures on effectiveness, the impact of the task complexity in both collocated and virtual team configuration and it will examine the impact of different types of leadership behaviors on effectiveness. (Alex J. Barelka, 2007) Laura conducted a study the cause of different styles of leadership and communication media on team processes and outcomes. The data was collected using face to face and text based chat processes. The purpose of the study was to find out how transformational and transactional leadership affects the interacting styles of virtual leadership an the consequences of this interaction was also analyzed it consisted of team cohesion and task performance. The results of the study showed that the different styles of leaderships do not have any impact upon the interacting styles of team members or the results of such interactions. The results showed that interactions in case of face to face communication is higher as compared to video conferencing and chat teams but in case of video conferencing the interaction was much higher than the chat teams however, such type of communication was not very much important maintaining good task performance. However it was also found that virtual teams work a s effectively and cohesively as do the traditional teams. (Alex J. Barelka, 2007) Buy custom Emotional Tone of Virtual Team essay

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